Dr. Jessi's Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!

As we start entering into another school year, I figured I would share with you some of my favorite back to school items—ergonomic style!


Back to school supplement line up coming up!

I’m starting off with saying this… supplements are meant to supplement, not replace, a healthy diet and lifestyle.  To maintain health and wellness, you should not need to have bottles and bottles of lotions, potions and supplements. 

                Everyday use recommendations kind of depends on your diet and lifestyle.  I generally have my kids on a good quality multivitamin and intermittently use a fulvic acid supplement. 

                For having on hand for events of illness, these are my go-to:

  • DesBio Electrolyte Plus: (Sorry no link, they don’t sell on Amazon, BUT we carry it here in the office)
    • It’s hot out and my kiddos are outside all the time with football and soccer practice and Kaci’s tumbling is in a warehouse that is not air conditioned. They need to replace what their little bodies are expending.  I just add to their water and they can’t taste it.  (I would love if they enjoyed coconut water as an electrolyte replacement, but it isn’t their favorite and I want them to stay hydrated)
  • Belladonna: https://amzn.to/3swdGJV
    • We use it for all rapid onset, heat inflammation with congestion. (Think cold, coughs, sore throats, sinusitis, ear infections, fevers)
  • SmartSilver: (Again, no link, but we do carry here in the office)
    • This product has many antimicrobial and energetic properties. We use at the onset of any sniffle and inflammation, or if we know our kiddos are exposed to anything “gross”.  We also use topically for cuts and scrapes. 

All supplement and homeopathics are my recommendations for my family.  Please consult with your physician.

Next in line, CHAIRS!

We love wobble chairs in this office.  I have had a wobble chair as my desk chair for years and when we moved to our new location, it was a special request for the front desk to have them too.  Discs and joints get nutrition through movement and this is one of our favorite tools to recreate movement while stuck at a desk.  They also are great for those of us that can’t sit still, but are bound to a desk.

Link to front desk wobble chair: https://amzn.to/3qEw6Yn

Link to the wobble chair we use for patients in office: https://amzn.to/45gR4M7

And last but not least, LAPTOP STAND!

Bringing a laptop to eye height is challenging.  This is the laptop stand I used while getting my Doctorate and even at the old office before moving and getting an actual desktop computer.  I still use this when I’m working at home to prop up my laptop and maintain better ergonomics when charting at home. It helped a ton with neck pain and tension from constant looking down.  I enjoyed this a lot with a wireless mouse and keyboard too to make laptop use even more comfortable. 

Link to Rain Laptop Stand: https://amzn.to/3KKhPQL

Hope you found some of my favorite ergonomic aids useful!