MVP Packages!

What is an MVP package?

An MVP package essentially means that you pay for x number of massages/chiropractic/acupuncture visits at one time (ahead of time) that ultimately saves you a percentage dollar amount depending on which package option that you choose.

After purchasing an MVP package every visit that you come in for you will just sign your name on a sheet that we use to track the number of visits that you have used on your package. Packages do have expiration dates depending on the number of visits that you decide on.

What can MVP packages be used for?

MVP packages can be used for massage, acupuncture and chiropractic. You can also have multiple packages for different services!

Who are MVP packages for?

MVP packages are for everyone! However, they are typically used by patients who are not going through insurance for their visits.

How do I sign up for an MVP package?

You can sign up right in our office! There is one paper that we will have you fill out where you will select the type of package that you want to purchase and we will take the rest from there.

What are the packages?

There are three different packages for each service that we offer and you can view them as well as today’s current prices by viewing the images below!