What We Love Wednesday

Heading into the holiday season, we may find ourselves wanting to gift someone a home care product. Ames Spine and Sport has compiled a list of our favorite items and where to find them. We have items in every price budget. If you are looking for suggestions, here you go!

Front Desk Staff:

Kourtney loves our foam roller. She says it helps her so much when she has a tight muscle or is sore. She hops on the foam roller for a few minutes, and it helps her feel so much better! Just using a foam roller for a few minutes, a day makes such a difference for her recovery.

Follow the link below to find our favorite foam roller!



Katie loves MyZone heart rate monitor (she has the MZ1 but Amazon has the newer version of MZ3). MyZone has a point system based on the amount of time you spend in the different heart rate zones. The default goal for the system is to hit 1300 points per month (you can customize it). And if you like the community exercise competition mentality, you can connect with other people who also have MyZone. Her entire family has their own, so they have a friendly little rivalry each month. She likes to work out, but sometimes she needs a little extra motivation to get up and get moving. This is what helps her!

Follow the link below to find Katie’s favorite heart rate monitor!



Massage Therapist:

Kristen loves our doTerra peppermint essential oil in our Laluz ultrasonic diffuser! She says peppermint is perfect to use not only for its festive aroma but for its beneficial takeaways. Peppermint is promoted for treating coughs and colds, reducing pain, reducing stress and it also helps alleviate occasional upset stomachs. This combo is beneficial for everyone but should not be applied to children’s skin directly. Also, if you have animals, be cautious about how you use the oil. Direct contact, for pets, can be toxic, if using a diffuser, be cautious with how much you use it at a time. Our diffuser is easy to clean and switch out with different scents throughout the day or change of seasons.


Brandie loves the Reliefband. It is found on our Amazon store page with the link to follow. She says it helps her with anxiety but helps her mom and sisters with migraines and motion sickness. This product helps with a wide range of issues that are affected by nausea.  The band sits on the underside of your wrist and delivers pulses that stimulate the median nerve. This signal travels through the body’s nervous system to the part of the brain that controls nausea and vomiting. This helps to rebalance and normalize the nerve messages from the brain to the stomach, reducing symptoms of nausea. There are different versions and price ranges for the bands. She has had the classic and the sports version and both are great in their own ways. Check out what best fits your needs!

Follow the link below to find your own ReliefBand!



Mychal loves the FlexVit Resistance bands. He says they travel easily and provide feedback while doing motor control drills. He likes this band over other bands because they are machine safe to wash, don’t pull on your hair or skin while using it.

Follow the link below to find Mychal’s favorite resistance bands!




Dr. Jessi loves our RadRoller! She says it is versatile and travels well. It is great for lower back unwinding, draining sinuses, tension headaches and more. She leaves one at work, one in her gym bag, one at home and one in her suitcase!


Kenton loves Rocksauce/Biofreeze! He says it is a nonaddictive, quick, and effective pain treatment that patients can apply to the site of pain at home. These topical treatments have similar effects as ice but are easy to apply and use throughout one’s busy day.